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Dear Mr. Fritzler,

In 1997 I inherited vacant land with probate value of $25,000.
In 2006 I sold it for $54,000 with monthly payments.
In 2014 with the principal balance $34,000 the land value plummeted because of wind turbines on one side and a developing gold mine on the other. The gold mine offered to buy us (the buyer and me) out for $30,000, so we did and split the money 50/50. What is my cost basis to use for my payoff of $15,000?  Do I use the original $25k?  Did I have a gain or a loss?
My wife and I have an annual income of $62,000.

Thank you very much for your help!

In 2006 you set the sale price at $54,000, at that time your basis was $25,000. You had a gain of $29,000. If you accepted more than 10% down, you were expected to pay the tax on the gain in that year.

If you subsequently, accepted a lower payoff, you would have to write it off as bad debt and attribute the unpaid amount to the buyer, who would then take that amount as income and pay the taxes on it.

You would have a loss that you would carry forward until you had an offsetting gain, or take $3000 per year against your ordinary income ($62,000).

That doesn't sound fair, does it? But that is simply one of the ways that the current tax structure, unfairly takes away from the individual.

If on the other hand, you did not correctly account for the sale in 2006, then:

1. If it is discovered your 2006 tax return may be subject to audit and since it would be more than a 25% underpayment the audit could spread to other years. If 7 years go by from the date of the last filing for that tax year, it becomes untouchable for the IRS. You are close tot he end of that clock.

2. Without that accounting, you might be able to make record of the actual deal that was struck this last year, and show the $17.000 as the total payment.

Hope that gives you some direction to pursue.

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