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Good Morning Richard....Can you please give me some hints when it comes to taxes of a small business....I have 1.5 acre of land but usually not using about half acre which I was planning to use to set up a very small tree/plant farm. When it comes to plants and trees, how does the tax law applies to those businesses....It is not meant to be a main source of income, but more of supplemental income. Is there anyway to use tax advantages for business if I am not using the house, but the land?...any comments or recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

Taxes apply to revenue. If there is no revenue, then taxes aren't an issue.

If I understand your question, you are looking to put the ground toward developing income in the future. Maybe plant this year and harvest in 5 years?

The income comes in 5 years and then the taxes will apply. If between now and then you have expenses, you could carry those losses forward to offset the incomes.

The in home business deduction that everyone talks about is such a small real benefit and a big potential for audit that it has never been good. In fact there are no "Good" deductions when it comes to the personal tax return. Standard deductions, and home mortgage deduction, that is the lion share of potential tax benefit. Go beyond that and you are looking at nickels and dimes if that of tax reduction, but are offset by higher costs and higher potential for audit.

If I can redirect your focus away from taxes, to "business". . .

Can you make the tree farm a successful Business? Can you make a small investment that will return a profit? If you can do that, then Taxes matter. If you are losing money, you owe no taxes, it when you turn the corner and are successful that taxes come into play.

So the "Hints": Hard Focus on the business and turning a profit. One you have done that then everything else matters.


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