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I sent my 2014 federal tax return along with W7 for my wife's ITIN by mail on 02/07/2015. The expected delivery date was 02/10/2015. The filing status of my return was 'Married Filing Jointly'. On 03/26/2015 I received my federal return (good). Now comes the issue... I have yet to receive my spouse's ITIN number. It's been almost 11 weeks since I filed my federal return. I filed my state return without my spouse's ITIN before 04/15/2015 and attached a letter explaining why it is filed without ITIN. I called  countless times but they do not pick up the calls. What are my options to contact IRS or to find out my wife's ITIN?


ANSWER: Hi, the IRS is not known for speed. Sounds like you did everything correctly. As long as you accounted for any income and used her social security number, things will be fine. You might copy your original request and mail in a second time.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.

My wife doesn't have SSN, that is why I applied for her ITIN. As I mentioned in my original question, I filed my federal return with W7 ( application to obtain ITIN). For the last month or so I called IRS numerous times but they never pickup the phone. If my original federal return is already approved, is it ok to send the return again just to enquire about ITIN?


Do not send the return in again. The IRS will not issue itin numbers over the phone. If you paid all taxes on the income ypu will be OK. It may be months before the number is issued.  If you must call try 800 829-7650 at 7am eastern and be prepared to wait.

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