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I live in Indiana, i have w2s and also a 1099. what tax forms do i fill out for US and indiana?

I would purchase TurboTax, or similar, and let the software take you through the process of filing your federal and state taxes. The software makes it easy to file, although since you are filing late I believe you'll have to mail in your returns. I would also file as soon as possible, having 1099s ups the chances of failure to file penalties. So, even if you can't pay all of your bill, get them filed.

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My expertise is in collecting past due taxes and tax returns. While at the IRS I worked on wage and bank levies, liens, Offer in Compromise, late filing and payment agreements every day. I spoke with over 20,000 people concerning their issues while I worked there (just retired).


Ten years working for the the IRS in Collections and tax return review. Worked with over 20,000 people on their IRS issues. Explained their options and usually worked out a solution while they were on the phone.

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