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Tea/Matcha Vs Green Tea



I've read so many articles stating that Matcha is more beneficial than green tea due to consuming the whole leaf.
What about the really great green tea? I saw some really expensive green tea 100 gm = 300$. Would Matcha still be better? in terms of antioxidants and other health benefits? where in price comparison the matcha is premium grade starting 25$ for 20 gm.

Hello, and thanks or your question! Matcha is a type of green tea, but the process by which the leaves are prepared is different than the process used for synchs, the most common green tea. Matcha retains more healthy components because it is less exposed to sunlight. I would inagine that matcha is more healthy than the majority of sencha teas you can find. However, there are more types of green tea than just matcha and sencha, albeit less common ones. Gyokuro, for example is prepared almost identically to matcha, but the leaves are rolled rather than ground. This might be an alternative. Also, bear in mind than companies may be modifying the natural properties of the teas, so this could change the price as well. I hope this answers your question!


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