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Tea/Tea bags bursting in microwave


Hello: I have been nuking my tea (Red Rose) in a mug for years by filling with water and adding a tea bag.The problem is my latest tea purchase has bags that are bursting every time,whereas before,that was only an occasional problem.They are using a new type of paper bag.I have been using a small strainer to filter the mess into another mug after nuking.To make matters worse,I recycled the box the tea came in,and the city has picked up my recycling bin,so I can't return it for a refund.
Please don't lecture me on  proper preparation methods.I like my tea in a hurry ( 2 minutes flat in the microwave) and strong,and the taste is fine as far as I am concerned.So,what are my options? Can I nuke the bags in a metal tea ball,for example? Or do I need a non-metal infuser? Thanks!

Hello Michael, and thanks for your question! That sounds like a very frustrating situation. I can think of a few different options. You shouldn't nuke the bags in a metal tea ball because of what happens to metal in the microwave. Straining the tea into another mug like you're already doing isn't a bad idea; in fact, that's what tea strainers are meant for. You might even consider just tearing the tea bag open and pouring the leaves directly into the water before you nuke it. Just make sure you get an actual tea strainer (like this one) rather than an infuser. Infusers are designed to stay in your cup, not to strain through.

If you're willing to spend a little more, you could also go with a strainer mug (like this one). They're designed specifically for brewing tea in the microwave, then straining it into your cup. I have one like this from Teavana, and it's been awesome!

If you don't like the idea of getting an infuser, you could always get some empty tea bags and repackage the tea yourself.

I hope these ideas help you. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let me know!


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