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Michael Debbane wrote at 2006-07-20 00:17:31
I believe "maria luisa" in Spanish refers to Lippia citriodora, or lemon verbena in English. Hope that helps, better late than never.

Lina wrote at 2006-09-26 02:16:38
I have this same plant.  A "starter" was handed down to me by my sister who got her "starter" from my grandmother.  My sister never knew the name of the plant so we referred to it as "Nana's Plant".  My grand mother always called it "oler de noche" or "Smell of the Night" because on a warm summer night, you can smell it's lemony sweetness all around.  Here in California I have looked everywhere for information. Finally, on a visit to Spain, I saw it on Las Ramblas in Barcelona.  I was told it was called "Maria Luisa".  After that I even visited a park in another small town in Spain that had it growing everywhere.  I didn't know it was a tea. My plant, by the way is a very large bush that has grown up to 6'.

I'd like to know what Nana's Plant really is.

Marite wrote at 2007-07-31 14:30:45
Hi Caroline,

I am from Spain and my family has this tea plant on our properties. Below is some information which I hope will be helpful.  

Maria Luisa is also known as Hiebaluisa. Its latin name is Lippa Triphylla and it cames from the Family. Bot. Verbanceas.

We do have it here in the states, our plants was brought over seas by my great grandmother and I know other people have it has well.

I would not recommend you bring but if you can call a local florist or garden they would probably be able to find it for you.

And you are correct its a medicine plant espcially when you have an upset stomach.

Good Luck, Marite

Caroline wrote at 2010-10-21 12:19:52
hi Caroline

you are quite right on this, there is a herbal tea made from the plant known as luisa which is found mainly in Morocco. It is a very fresh taste. Reason i know this is that my husband is moroccan and i have tasted it in Morocco many times.So im sure it is grown in other hot countries like Spain for eg.

Hope this helps,


Brinco wrote at 2016-04-12 13:53:50
I'm from the islands of the Azores. my mother collected this herb from the wild called " Maria Luisa " and made tea from it. It's great for a lot of things, winter chills, colds, head aches and of course just before bed for a restful sleep. So, no stranger to me.

I have been drinking since I was an infant and still drink it now. It's a great medicine really.


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