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Dear Ma'am,

I am a teacher of English in Shillong, India, and I have many students who, after thirteen of learning English cannot communicate in English. School teachers here mostly teach to finish a curriculum and are more or less not aware of communication skills, so it seems. I would like to do a research in this area and prepare a methodology for effective communication skills for high school teachers especially in  bi-lingual and multi-lingual classrooms.I am still at a loss on how to go about it and yet I really want to contribute to my society through this work. Your assistance would mean so much to me and my work.

Thanking you,



Hello Christina

Thank you for your question that is very interesting and important in education and Happy New Year!

English is a tool for students and it is very important as you said for them to use it and speak.
Your research will be of great value in this area and will be the resource for you to prepare a methodology that works for your people according to what is not done yet. Or maybe is done but ineffectively and not working as it should.
Effective communication skills for high school teachers especially in bi-lingual and multi-lingual classrooms is what you have to consider and how to solve this in an easier way.
I recommend that you first do a list of What Works and What does not work and why it does not work. You can as well consider a survey.
You are talking about
1- effective communication skills : Which are the characteristics of an effective
   communication and how would you know the communication is effective
2- Which are the skills and how would you measure them?
3- high school teachers: Are teachers evaluated  in your country on a year basis
   Do they go through trainings to improve their own skills? This may be important
   to help you develop your ideas
4- about bi-lingual and multi-lingual classrooms: I recommend you to think about
   how to evaluate the fact some students are bi-lingual and others  multi
   lingual and check how this influences the learning process in each case

I am sure you will be able to contribute´

You feel loss because this is a topic difficult to visualize and touch.

If there is anything you would like from me, do not hesitate to contact me again

I invite you to read testimonials of my students and clients at this link  Look for the ones written in English and for the others you can translate since google translator is in all my blogs. They will help you as well as the site itself.

I also recommend you search in the Education Board in your country which are the research works already done and filed that may serve you as resources. May be others began doing something in this regard you can continue, to improve the learning process

The most important: ask yourself what you want to achieve doing this research and work. Which is your purpose?

If there is anything else you need contact me again and let me know.
I wish you much success and a Happy New Year

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
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