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how to study in 10th standard?
SOME Tips about studies?
how to study properly nd make it remember

I have no idea what 10th standard is but I infer that it is equivalent to 10th grade here in the United States.
Here are some tips on ways to study for an subject.
1. Create small cards that you can carry with you to review while you travel, wait in line, or any other down time.
2. Try to see the materials as a picture in your mind. Make it as real as possible and fill it with sights, sounds, smells, feelings, emotions etc.
3. Create a matrix of ideas and connect the ideas to each other with graphics for each idea.
4. Turn the materials into  a song or poem that you create
5. Review the materials with a friend or family member that is non-judgmental and will gently correct you if you make an error
6. Work with a partner when creating study guides
7. Work in the same quiet place each day
8. Try to study in the room where you are getting the materials and take tests on the subject
9. If you are not understanding the materials get a tutor to explain it to you
10. Look at Khan Academy and see if the subject is taught there. Khan in on line and you can access it for FREE
11. Develop movements to help  you remember material
12. Develop silly pictures of the materials. The sillier the better as it will stay in the brain. (just think of the last joke you heard)
13. Study with a goal in mind, take breaks when you feel fatigued, find a quiet place to study,
wear comfortable clothes, listen to quiet music in the background like easy listening, soft jazz, soft classic. No hard rock, loud music or songs with words. The words distract you
These are a few ways you can study and retain information hope this helps  

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