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My child recently took an IQ test in a book written by Dr. Alfred Munzert and scored a 132.  The test is a 60 question multiple choice test that gives 45 minutes to complete which he completed in the allotted time limit.  My question is regarding whether or not I should get him professionally tested and how reliable this score from a self-scoring IQ test is from a book written by a psychologist.  

This is the book below...


I have reservations about I.Q. Tests except when being given by a Clinical Psychologist for purposes of learning disability analysis. Typically an I.Q. test covers general knowledge questions and some like the MENSA exam seem to be weighted more towards the logical/mathematical mindset.

Since I have no knowledge about your child's age or the goals you have in mind for a clinical test, I do not think I can offer good advice to you about having your child tested. If I may assume some things then I can offer some thoughts.

1. Is your child is of school age and you are thinking of things like Advanced Placement classes, or GATE classes? If so, have the school do the testing and then let the child into the classes. This is a cost savings to you and your child can be with other students and progress at his/her apparent ability.

2. May I gently recommend you check out and read a book called "Frames of Mind" by Mr. Howard Gardner. In it, he discusses intelligence as having different ways of expressing itself through individuals. It is a body of information I have used for a long time to help me reach students that are struggling and find outlets for those that are bored with the pace of school in California.

3. Take an analytical look at the questions from the book your child used and see if they are pointed towards any particular area of learning and cognition. It will give you a clue as to your child's innate learning and retention at this time.

4. Tests are merely snap shots of the mind at a moment in time and I personally feel that they are not all that good once the student is at grade level or above grade level. Brain studies and brain based learning show that I.Q. is not fixed but can be increased through education and participation by the student.

5. There is also nature vs nurture issues such as, in your home does your child have books and educational games available? Do you and/or your significant other show an strong interest in your child's learning and progress. These can be motivations for the child to learn more and ask pointed questions.

6. Score reliability of any test is dependent on the purpose of the test, the circumstances of where and when the test was taken, and in the end the importance the individual places on those scores.

7. You will find that most  intelligence tests are written by Psychologists except for groups like MENSA, or GATE testing etc.

8. In the end, may I gently suggest, that you follow your heart and may I dare say your budget as individual testing can be quite time consuming and expensive. Maybe think through your reasons for this testing and see if you can find a way to be satisfied with your child's mental skills with out the cost of professional testing.

Best wishes to you on this journey called child raising and may I encourage you not to get overly involved in I.Q. testing unless there seems to be a learning disability. Just continue love your child for the gift they are and provide a mentally stimulating and enriched environment for them.

In the end there was only one Albert Einstein and he was a unique individual. I know that your child is a unique gift to mankind also, and will, rest assured, one day bring his/her gift to the world for the betterment of all of us in a unique and wonderful way.

Dr. James Turner B.A., M.A.E., M.A. Educational Admin., J.D.

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