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Good day,
       I am an Indian citizen.I have a daughter who will be 2 years old by this month.I want to know if this is the right time to start her teaching basics like numbers and alphabets at home and when should I enroll her to children play groups.We usually speak our native language for home conversation but I would like to enroll her to an English medium school for the ease of learning higher studies.So should we speak in english with her at home too?Because that's the way most of the families do it here but I personally don't like it.I have tried to teach the numbers her now but she is just running away.

Hello Sumeet
Thank you for your question. My thinking is that your daughter is too young yet to try to lead her in the direction of another language. It is not uncommon that when a child is encouraged to learn something new that she is not ready or wanting to learn that it could cause her to have a deep resentment for it.
At 2 a child is just learning her own language and figuring out ways to communicate with others. Another language may be too much for her at this time. I would suggest that you present English words to her in a more casual way and certainly in a fun way. Maybe you can start with simple words, pointing out objects and saying the English word for her to hear, or having simple children's books with pictures and English words around. Simply expose her to the language and when she gets interested and is ready she will let you know; she will ask about it, she will ask you to repeat words in English etc.
Children learn languages very quickly and easily so when the time is right she will pick it up as long as the environment is right for her to do that.
She is running away because she is not ready to learn any formal English and is finding it too much on her.
You could observe her and look for signs of when she is ready to be in play groups with other children. Then she will go happily and willingly.
It is important that she not be forced into anything because then she will resist and it will be harder to teach her anything.
Hope this helps

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