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Hiya! I want to become a elementary school teacher. I felt that it would be the perfect profession for me because I take learning seriously and I would enjoy being a reading teacher. I also like diversity of work and environment.

But I'm at a crossroads, I also want to be a comic book artist as well. I want to seriously improve my art and try to promote it when I feel that I've improved enough. The only problem is that my hubby thinks it's impossible to pursue being a teacher and be a comic book artist.

He says that it would be too hard for me and he doesn't want me to give up on me making my own comic book. (I know it will be hard and he is comparing me to himself) He tells me that the only people he has seen be successful in art are the one's who go in all, or nothing. (Which is what he wants to do, having only a part time job working on art commissions.) The only people I can think of that are teachers and have a creative career are novelist and my hubby say's they don't count and art is harder.

Is there anyway to have a balance between a good teaching career and an art career that keeps improving? Or do I have to drop one for the other?

Hello April
Thank you for your question. But this is really a very personal decision. It is difficult for anyone to say what you are capable of and what will work for you. I am sure you are aware that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another so it is futile comparing yourself to anyone else.
Your decision and your success at being both a teacher and an artist are completely up to you and your commitment to both roles. It is dependent on the level of motivation that you have for both and the time and effort you are prepared to put into both. They both require a great deal of time and effort but it is not impossible. It also depends on your strategy for handling both and the heights to which you want to take each.
Just as a thought- I do know at least one person who is a successful teacher and artist. But that is only my sample of one.
I hesitate to give a definite word of advice because , as I say, it is a very personal decision and you have to assess your level of commitment.
I do wish you luck.

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