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I just noticed that a lot of  teachers practice these actions which I think that these actions are wrong.

I am also a teacher and I know how hard it is to check quizzes and test papers from my students. Even if I seek help, I ask my family members, (My wife and kids) and sometimes my friends to check the test papers of my students but never did I ask my students to check, especially during classes.

Most of my co-teachers ask the class to check the test papers during class hours, some ask some students they trust to stay in the faculty room to do the checking. The rewards are grade incentives, sometimes snacks.

My question :
Am I doing the right thing? I mean I can submit the grades on time, because I never quit until I finish checking and recording everything. My family and friends cannot help me most of the time because they're also busy.

Is it OK for them to ask their students to check quizzes and exams, even if those are not theirs but from other classes/ sections. I just find it wrong, but please correct if I just thinking negatively.

Thank you.

Thanks for your question.
There is no wrong or right answer to this. It depends on the circumstances and I believe most importantly in the guidelines that are used when doing this. For example for MC quizzes and short answer questions it is quite possible that peer review could be applied successfully. I am not so sure about the students grading essays of their peers though. Some subject areas and types of assessments are designed for automated grading.
If it is set up in a controlled and supervised environment such as the faculty room then it could be done. I would question though the practice of grade incentives as rewards.
So in summary it depends on the subject area, the type of assessment and the ethical and other guidelines that are followed.
Hope this helps

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