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Hi there. Im 21 doing my uni and also having a part time teaching job in a Nursery/Playschool/Kindergarten . I have been working for 1 n half year, this year will make it 2

Firstly i really really hope u can help me out and give me some advice on how i can go along with my problem that am facing.

So, i teach kids of age 3 yrs 7 months to almost 4-5 years and i have 20-25 kids in my class ranging in that age, i live in the middle east so almost all kids are Arabs but they do understand English and few of them can communicate very well in English, I teach English to them.

i am a really hard working person, i like to give my best result and impression to the other staff and show them that my class is the best and well mannered kids. Today, my owner of the kindergarten spoke to me saying that she wants my all kids to speak very well in English because my class is the eldest class in the whole kindergarten after they graduate they go to schools, so parents expect allot from this age kids to learn in the kindergarten.

the kids being Arabs, sometimes when they don't understand what i say in English i say it in Arabic then again in English for the kids to understand what i am saying. like i would say,  Aisha, please close the door. ( she would not understand what i said) so ill say in Arabic, Aisha please sakir baab ( which means close the door)

that's how i try my best for them to at-least understand English first, then communicate

I want to teach my kids manners and polite words. give me tips and ideas on how to do that. Its really hard for me . i tired telling them stories of please and thank-you words. or just normally when they want something from me or i give them something i ask them to say it every time.

My owner (who is a female) was kind of not happy with me today which really just made my day too bad. she was like i want ur class to say words n sentences in English. like she wants  that if u ask any kid from my class . which color is this bag (suppose its red) the kid would say: RED. she doesn't want that. she wants the kid to say the whole sentence like this : This is RED color.

and i and literally clueless on how to make kids do that. if she doesn't see any improvement in the kids she would change the class and put me in younger kids who r maybe 2 years to 3 years which i would not be happy to teach.

Please i hope u can help me
give me advice's on how to teach kids basic English. of-course you teach kids in a playing kind of method. I want to show and prove to my owner that I CAN DO IT. i want to be the appreciated by her and other staff members. I'm so tensed and just been thinking on how to be manage and organize my class kids.

I am going to be very thankful to you if u can really help me out. Tell me what should i do and what not.

Thank you and much love!
and i hope my long story didn't bother you, i m just looking for some help.

Thank you for your question Hessa. And no, your long story is not a bother.
You seem to be a difficult position with a Director who requires more of the students than they are able to perform at this age.
I am not a language or ESL teacher so I can't give you specific tips on teaching English to your students but I am sure you can find a lot of suggestions and lessons in the academic literature and even on credible websites on the internet- google teaching English as a second language, or even narrow it to teaching English as a second language to young children.
In terms of dealing with your owner you may want to have some conversations with her about what specifically she expects and listen to her tell about her thinking and ideas. You may even want to ask her to suggest to you ways you can do that and ask for her support and help. Most times people like being asked for their thinking and their help in such situations. Show her an attitude of wanting to learn from her and respecting her wisdom and expertise.
I am sure you are doing the best you can, so keep showing that you are willing to learn and do whatever is asked of you. Share with her some of what makes it difficult for you to get the young ones to do as asked. She may not be understanding what is preventing it from happening.
There are no specific strategies I can offer here, but more a way of approaching her and talking with her that hopefully will put her in a position to listen better to you and offer help and suggestions rather than simply telling you what is expected and showing when she is disappointed in you. You may also want to go to her first telling her what your experiences were for the day and where you faced challenges and ask her thoughts and ideas, rather than wait for her to come to you complaining about what you did not do.
I hope this is helpful and I wish you good luck in your teaching.
Dr. Robb

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