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Can you teach a three year old child learn to read/write English?

You can absolutely teach a three year old child. Remember to use very physical things to help them learn like blocks, hands, pictures etc. Read to them from picture books with just a few words. I would say no more than three large size words to a page. Point at each word and say it and have them say it back to you. Also this is a good time to start with number to 10 and the alphabet. There is a system called zoo phonics that associates animals with letters. It may be free on line. If not you can create your own like D for Dog, C for Cat, E for Elephant etc.
It will take a lot of patient repeating and lots of positive rewards like hugs, or what a create ..... you are, maybe some special play time after they learn something new and then review it for a few minutes every day.
This is a good time to start them learning a second or third language also if you can use it in play time. They will pick it up quickly in context.
I hope I have not bored you to  tears but in summary yes they can and will learn at their pace and in they way they learn as an individual. Suggest you learn up Howard Gardner,s frames of Mind and learn the nine learning modalities and play with that for a while also. You can probably find that on line also is a summary form.
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