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What does a person have to do so his new born daughter will speak British English with a British accent, not American English with an American accent?  Can this only be done if the child lives in the United Kingdom or can this also be done in the United States with a British mother that speaks with a British accent? Why would a child speak English with an American accent in the United States, even if the British mother only speaks with a British accent? The European man wants; that if his daughter were to walk the streets in the United Kingdom everybody thinks that she is born in the United Kingdom and that is impossible to tell that she lives in the United States.  That is why he has a child with a British woman. British women are different than North American women.

I have thought on this a long time. There seems to be one or two  possible answers. The first answer is to move to London. This means the child will be exposed to the language and culture there. Her friends growing up will be her strongest influence and being in the school system there means total immersion into the London culture and language. The degree you seem to want to inculcate British culture might also require that you also immerse yourself fully into the language and culture and keep a constant filter. on your communications so that all the child hears and experiences at home and in her outside home are the language and culture of London. This is no simple task.
The other is to think long and hard about the core values you want the child to have. Maybe the accent is not as important as the core values you seem to want. Both of you will need to discuss these values and come to agreement and as the child develops make any necessary adjustments in home life to strenghten those current core values. Remember London  is cosmopolitan and mixes values from different cultures and peoples.
Another alternative is a Nanny from London or the area where your wife grew up in. The nanny would then be the main guidance for the child. Again unless there is a boarding school that is immeresed in British Culture 24/7 other cultures will slip in from friends and peers.
Maybe you could move in next door to your wifes parents and let them have a strong influence in your childs rearing.
Given how  children learn these seem like the only alternatives that will help you attain your ultimate goal as I understand it.
Best of luck!

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