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Teen Dating Issues/I'm torn...How do I feel?


I've been friends with this guy, Matt for 12 years. Matt was my first crush in kindergarten; I even kissed him and got in trouble. I've been in the same classes as him since then, and my feelings for him have never changed. They have actually got much, much stronger. We just graduated high school a few months ago together as best friends. (We are both 18) I met my best friend, Samantha, in ninth grade homeroom. It took a while for us to become close, but it happened not too long and now we have been best friends for a little over two years, but we have a closer relationship than I've ever had with anyone! After we became friends I introduced Samantha to Matt, and she shortly revealed that she was crushing on him. This went on for two years and Matt was quite often the butt of any and all of our arguments. We were fighting over his attention, and it just isn't a great situation when two best friends are into the same person. I figured that this was just going to continue until we all got married, but recently I found out I was wrong. Apparently after Matt, Samantha and I went out to eat for my 18th birthday in August they confessed their feelings for each other. Well, Matt was leaving for college two days later so they decided to not do anything about it. (I didn't know any of this at the time.) Two days ago I learned of this when Matt sent me a message and asked if he thought that he had missed his chance with her. Of course I told him no, he asked her to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. The next day she and I met up and had a heart-to-heart which involved a lot of crying and talking. I concluded that I wouldn't be mad at her because I know that put in the same situation I couldn't have said no. The problem is, I may not be mad, but I am extremely hurt. I have all of these feelings that I need someone to talk to about them but my mother isn't help because I'm trying to convince her I'm fine, and that pretty much knocks out all of my options. I'm sad, disappointed, frustrated, heartbroken, and every time I think about the fact that SHE is going to be the one holding his hand and kissing him and going on dates with him, I cry. I just cannot get this out of my head. It is almost the only thing I've thought about for two straight days. I guess the question I have is whether or not I'm being unreasonable. Should I be as upset as I am?? Also, it just feels really good to say all of this, I just don't know how to handle this whole situation.

first let me say that you DO need someone to talk to about this. i wouldnt keep this in and away from your mother if you think she will listen and give you some good advise

personally i think its not cool for your bf to have said yes to matt. she knows how you feel about him and im sure wouldnt want the same to happen to her. i think you need to be very open and honest with her about how you feel too. hopefully she would understand and not continue to date him.

does matt know how you feel about him? if not you may want to let him know as well.


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