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Teen Dating Issues/My bf do i have anything to worry about.


So my bf and I have been dating for 5months now. Everything has been going well except one problem i dont know if I could trust him.have a little bit of trust issues because of my past relationships. Ive talked to my bf about my trust issues numerous of times and one of his responses to me were if we dont have trust we dont have anything, and I agree. But i told him to you have to earn my trust as well. So weve been good and i have been trying to trust him. But he has a ex girlfriend that he was with for 3 years. He says hes over here but its hard to get over someone you have been with for that long. Anyway i know shes not over him shr still has all of there pics from when they were together. My bf asked me recently if i would be ok with him talking to her. I said yes but I regret it everyday. I said yes because i didnt want it to loook like i was jealous of her. Anyway they have been texting nd fb messaging and i know because i have his fb password. He didnt have anything bad on fb but she told him him y didnt he text her back and he was with me that day. He responded to her on fb and said that he did. I checked his phone and he had no messages from her. So he apparently deleted the messages. What should I do ? I dont know if im overeacting  or what please help me i really love him. And I need to stop things if he still loves his ex

yes trust is very important in a relationship. you have to trust him. yes he might cheat on you or leave you for someone else. thats dating..these things sometime happen. if you really think you cant trust him or anyone else then you need to leave. you need to get your self straight first before getting into  a relationship.

good luck and let me know if you want to talk more


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