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it started with friendship....he was just my friend until his friends said he liked me.his firends are my friends and they r trustworthy....he decided for us to be friends and said that he wasnt ready. i started calling him and we were friends again.he is very studious and as we are in a turning point of our life i knew his decision was right.after months he started behaving weirdly and asked me not to call him if i cant be only his friend.he wanted me to be his friend and said that there was nothing more that friendship..that he didnt like me.belonging to an indian family we are not encouraged to get into relationships when we are just 17.the last time i called i told him that my bro came to know about this and that he asked me not call him again. he asked me how he came to know about this and said that i couldnt lie to my bro when he asked. i dont know whether this is the reason...i doubt whether he likes me..he hates when people tease me with other boys and i have seen him looking at me....was it just an infatuation that he had towards me??? and he is a fun loving but serious guy.

this guy sounds like someone you should just stay away from anyways. if he cant communicate with you and tell you how he is feeling then you dont want to continue a relationship with him. i would stop talking to him. maybe write him a letter or email and tell him how you feel. let him know he is wrong for not communicating with you.

good luck


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