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My name is Derrius Jones. I and this female have Been talking for around the range of 3 years and we dated once upon a time for a year and three months but we never had sex because she was indecisive on hen she wanted to lose her virginity. Now we're both 17 and the sexual tension between us probably at it's peak but she doesn't want to consider sex until she's 18, which is in June. She said we could do anything other than sex and oral because she takes offense everytime I ask. So he came up w/ an alternate which was dry sex. We haven't  tried it yet but she said she really think she'll like it but I wanted to kno any other alternatives & is this dry sex thing a good idea. And how do I convince her into these things because she's self conscience at times.

what a person calls "sex" and "not sex" is a personal choice. if you both think doing this is ok then sure why not. but dont try to convince her or force her to do anything she doesnt want to. she will resent you later on for it. but do be honest with her. compliment her, tell her she is pretty. keep communicating at all times so she feels comfortable to let you know when its too much for her.


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