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Hey, so I met this girl in my class over a year ago now. I added her on Facebook and I think she began to like me, I would catch her looking at me often , being around me alot and she even started a small conversation once.
This went on all year, but with things slowly "dropping off". I definitely think she isn't as interested as she was, but I still catch her looking at me, but looks away very quick and it seems rather "secretive" about looking.

She is quite shy and clever too, so I don't know if she is finding it hard to stop liking me or something like that...
I do like her, alot. Would it be worth telling her how I feel, if so, what should I say? Or is it one of those things I should leave?
The only thing is, we only spoke that once (we were never in a situation to talk more) and things seem abit awkward now, but I would really like to speak to her properly, how would I do this?

Thanks, any extra advice would be helpful.

hi peter,

i wouldnt just ask her out or tell her you like her out of the blue. i would start talking to her slowly and gradually pick it up if things go ok. maybe start a conversation about how things seem a bit awkward with you two. nothing like being open and honest right off the bat!

be honest with her, tell her you would like to get to know her better. start asking her questions about herself. things she likes and doesnt like. you should get a feel from her if she might be interested or not pretty quickly.

good luck!


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