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So, I'm 13 and I was going out with a guy who was 16 and we had known each other for around 6 months without knowing the other one liked the other. Well, after we eventually figured it out (with the help of sisters, and good friends) we started going out. We had been going out for 2 months, hadn't fought, I liked him a lot, and then we broke up. We had kissed for the first time the day before and I'll admit is was AWKWARD but I wasn't really worried. Later that day I got a Fb message saying "I need to talk to you at school" after I asked what it was he sent back "It has to be said face to face. I don't want to have to say it, but it has to be said." and when I told him if he doesn't want to say it why say it he sent back "because my heart keeps telling me to". When I saw him at school the next morning he came over to me, and said
"You know I like you a lot right?" and then proceeded to explain how he had "school stuff" he needed to get done before he could have a girlfriend. I told him I didn't want to be friends but now I really miss him. I really liked him a lot and now I'm stuck. Please help, I want him back but I don't know how to get him back! We didn't even fight, or anything like that. Please help.

Hi Lydia,

Maybe you should just be friends with him and see how it goes? Do you think you could handle just being friends with him if he doesnt want anything more? If not then maybe you should just continue on without being friends.

Whatever you decide to do I think talking to him and letting him is the right thing to do. I wouldnt tell him you love him and want him back but just let him know that you like him as a friend and respect his decision.

Good luck


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