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Hello Dan, i am age 20

I met this girl more than 2 months ago. We hit it off well and I am guaranteed that she liked me as well. We spent hours and hours talking and flirting etc, it definitely was there. However it was 2 weeks when she left with family for a 3 month trip to Europe to visit her cousin. When i found out, I 100% knew it would decline and this is why i am now here lol.

It was still going great 2 weeks into her trip as we mained the type of contact which seems like she did't leave for her trip. However it now slowly came to the point that it is clear she isnt longer  interested, doesnt start convo, doesnt really ask how was your day and what been happening? and didnt even say merry christmas back.. when i wrote a merry christmas message and said igot her a gift, but instead she only replies "why did u get me a gift", this was a clear message  that she no longer inerested so i jokingly replied, "it was a typo, i meant i hope you get alot of gifts"

Any ways, what should i do? she still gone for another 2 months. I know not to be clingy and give her own space.. what else should i do? I was planning to write a sweet message for new years, and just dissapear/not go online/ be busy for 2 weeks for her to hopefully reflect back?


Merry Christmas

She sounds like a realist, and in that regard, realists know that long distance relationships are VERY risky and lack a good track record.  Almost all cheating in a good, stable relationship happens when the two "stable" lovers are apart for any length of time.  That said, LIVING apart is just asking for trouble.  Your relationship was not deep enough to survive the time apart, and she's telling you that in a way that is common to your ages: she's drifting away from you.

Were you older or maturer, she might have done the right thing and come out and said, "This won't work," but the romantic in her and possibly you prevented being realistic.  So I'd say it's time to come right out and ask: are we a couple?  And stop playing games.  Blaming your true emotions or actions on a "typo" wasn't a mature choice.  Why did you get her a gift?  "Because I care for you, and it's the holidays.  I'm a little confused.  Why does this surprise you?"  Honesty is the ONLY way to have a solid relationship.

Be honest with her about your concerns.  Ask for honest answers to your heartfelt questions.  OR wait until she returns and have a heart to heart.  But no more typos or game playing.  You are both too old for that, and life is too short.  No girl will respect a guy allows himself to be played.  Stand up for yourself and ask if your feelings will be reciprocated.

I wish you the best!


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