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Teen Dating Issues/my best friend's crush likes me?


so i'm gonna tell you My story using fake names. My best friend Sara likes Jack but Jack doesn't like her back. Sara got rejected by Jack but Sara still likes Jack even if she knows that she doesn't stand a chance. Jack likes Jenna(Me) and Jenna has feelings for jack too. but Jenna didn't say anything to her friend because she doesn't want to hurt her. Sara doesn't know that jack likes Jenna either & she doesn't know that they talk to each other.. If Jenna tells Sara, Sara would probably get mad. Jenna likes jack more and more every day and she just doesn't know what to do. she loves her friend Sara too and she doesn't want to hurt her and that's why she has been hiding her feelings. Jenna doesn't want to lose her friendship with Sara either so she doesn't know what to do.
Is Jenna doing doing a mistake by hiding her feelings?
Should Jenna wait until Sara moves on?(even though Sara likes jack for almost 3 years and nothing happened)
or should Jenna tell Sara the truth? HELP PLEASE :)

your in a tuff spot. personally i dont think any guy should come between a friendship. what do you think sara would say if you asked her if you could date jack? maybe she would be ok with it? it sounds like she realizes she doesnt have a chance with jack. would she not want her friend to possibly have the chance?

i think communication is important and i would at least talk to your friend about it. if she says no way then you have to make a decsion. date jack or stay friends with sara.


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