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Teen Dating Issues/BF + BFF problem!


Hey sandi :)

Me and my boy friend, "Freddie", used to talk anything and do anything. We're in the same class twice for the 7th and 8th grade. Well, I knew from my friends that he loved me at 7th grade. At first I don't mind it, and we still hang out {btw, at first I hate him. Oops :P}

And in the 8th grade, my bestfriend told me that she likes him. And actually I like him too (hmm) but I decided not to let her know, and I thought that freddie wasn't still fall for me (ew, sorry for that word ._. :P ) So I date the other guy, and freddie date another girl. But, I still can't get freddie off my mind

And just about this year (9th grade) he told me that he loved me. So he's my boyfriend now (yay)
But the problem is, my best friend is still in love with him. We're a bit distant now, but she still talk to me. And my friend (freddie's ex), she seems like unhappy, even she already got a boyfriend. I don't want to lose my friend and freddie but what can I do?

Sorry for the bad english! lol :P :))
Pls help. I'm 13 yo

have you talked to your bff about this? im just wondering if would mind you dating him. if your not that close to her then i would maybe just continue to date him. if you want to be friends with her then i would have a talk and see how she feels about you dating him. if she doesnt like it or doesnt want you too then i guess you have to decide between your bff and bf :)


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