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Ok so, I'm in 8th grade, a normal, pretty,dirty blonde haired girl with blue eyes. I "dated" this guy and i really liked him, and he really liked me. The thing is i was too shy to talk to him at school, but when we texted eachother it was just... amazing like we've known eachother our whole lives! and since we didnt talk at school.. we broke up. How do i win him back? I really need your help!


From what I could understand you two more of drifted apart than broke up. You should let him know that you are interested in dating him. I guess you can text him more often and suggest meeting up sometimes or have a talk in your school. If you don't wanna make the first move you can give him hints that you like him and wanna hang out some time.

Hope this helps. Contact me if you have any other questions.

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I can answer basic questions about relationships like how to meet the right person, how to express your feelings, how to cope with long distance relationships. I cannot answers psychological issues. I believe that being a young person I can understand teenage issues much better.


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