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So I am a high school sophomore boy and I have been going out with another sophomore girl for about a year and one month now. We love each other and we have a strong relationship, but things have gotten worse than usual. The thing is my girlfriend has told me in the past in our relationship twice that she doesn't have feelings for me anymore, and I was heartbroken both times because I really like her. But it was weird because she apologized and told me she don't why she ever told me that because its not true. And now recently, it happened again and now I am in a tough situation because I really like her but this is the third time she's said she doesn't love me as much anymore. And I don't whether to not give up, in hopes that she will get over this soon, or just take a break. What do I do? And another question I have is if my girlfriend calls we best friend that's a guy who she's known all her life by pet names such as "boo thang" or "bebe" sometimes is that ok? I don't know whether to be upset or not. This is my first real relationship so I am very troubled.
I appreciate your help if you are able to give me advice, because I thought I would ask an expert

i think its time to break up. she is saying these things for a reason. dating is all about  finding what you like and dont like in a person. since this is your first relationship i think its time to find someone else to date and see what else is out there.

as far as the guy calling her these names, i wouldnt worry about that. all you can do is trust her that they are just friends.


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