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Okay, so, I have two best friends let's call them Sarah and Jane. We've always told each other everything. But, Sarah recently got into a relationship with my ex-boyfriend and didn't tell either Jane or me. She didn't tell me because he's my ex and she thought that I might get upset by it and she didn't tell Jane because Jane doesn't like him much. I found out today and I'm fine with it and told both her and my ex that. The two are quite literally perfect for each other and have so much in common and get along really well. But Sarah still hasn't told Jane and she's not sure about how to do it. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

friends can tell each other things. or at least they should be able to. sarah just needs to let jane know whats going on. jane is going to find out sooner or later anyways. its better she finds out from sarah and not from someone else. jane doesnt need to like every guy sarah dates and vise versa. friends support each other and also let each other know if they do something stupid.


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