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Here's the problem: Over the summer, my best friend dated a really nice guy. I was also dating one of the guys friends.  Fast forward to September. My best friend had lost feelings for her boyfriend and broke up with him a week before homecoming. My boyfriend and I went to homecoming together, where he dumped me for someone else. I was single for a while. Then my friends ex got moved into my math class and sits next to me. I really like him now and he flirts with me often, but I don't know what to do. He is still good friends with my ex and values his opinion. How do I get him to like me without listening to whatever nasty things my ex says about me?

Do you know if your ex is saying nasty things about you? all you can really do is be yourself and let this guy make his mind up. if he is really that stupid to listen to what his friend says and not find out for himself then you probably dont want to date him anyways :)

so good luck, flirt, smile, and hopefully he will want to make his own mind up about you!


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