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So, like always, there is a guy.  I'm 17 and he is 21.  We met about a month ago at a party for my friend.  It was at a golf course and he was a waiter working that night.  Well we just kind of hit it off and danced, talked, and I got his number.  Well we texted for a little bit and then had our first hang out/date.  It was kind of like a date, but I brought my best friend along just in case cause I didn't know him that well.  Then later we went out again just us making it am official date.  I've also visited him at work and once I was working at a community thing and he told me he came just to see me.  We text almost everyday and he says stuff like I have a great smile, I'm smart, and that he likes me.  He has asked for a pic for me once and I sent one shoulders up and clothed just smiling and he was happy with it.  He's going off to the navy in April and he says that he'll miss me, promise never to forget him, and that when he comes back that we should meet up again.  We do hug and we have held hands when we've gone ice skating, but we haven't kissed yet.  Would you consider us dating?  I know that I could just ask him, but I want someone else's opinion on this situation.

yeah i think i would consider the two of you dating. im kind of surprised he hasnt kissed you though. maybe he doesnt want to get too attached to you since he is going away. do you want to get any closer to him since he is going away? i guess you could try and kiss him first?


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