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I met this girl more than 4 months ago, we are both 20. We hit it off well and I am guaranteed that she liked me as well. We spent hours and hours talking and flirting etc, it definitely was there. However it was 2 months ago when she left with family for a 3 month trip (back in a month) to Europe to visit her cousin. When i found out, I 100% knew her interest would decline and this is why i am now here lol.

It was still going great 2 weeks into her trip as we mained the type of contact which seems like she did't leave for her trip. However it now slowly came to the point that it is clear she isnt longer  interested, doesnt start convo, doesnt really ask how was your day and what been happening?  this was a clear message  that she no longer inerested as this has now been going on for a month now.

Any ways, what should i do? she still gone for another month. I know not to be clingy and give her own space.. but just doesnt seem to work.. how do i get her re interesed? or chasing me like before? or should i just wait until she is back to see if it sparks again?

i think you should just leave her alone for now. when she gets back i think you deserve an explanation from her as to why she just stopped talking to you. maybe she found someone else in Europe..who knows. either way she needs to be open and honest with you. so giver space for another month and when she returns see how she reacts to you.

good luck


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