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Hi, (I'm 15) so I recently started to have a crush on this guy. He's in my homeroom and we didn't really know each other. Over the summer I was in the car with my mom and he was walking and kept on staring at me; I don't think he realized who I was. I started messaging him on Facebook. We talk a lot, the only problem is that he plays on the same football team as my little brother. I asked him if he wanted to hangout sometime and he replied 'uh maybe'. I really want to hangout with him. I was at the football game yesterday with my friends and he kept walking in front of us. Then my best friend heard him talking to his coach about me. I don't know what to do or say next.


Hi Kiara,

It sounds like your doing the right thing. I would find a good time when you can catch him alone. spend a few minutes talking to him. Nothing big or special, just a little hello how are you. That way he can get to know you better in person. Let me know how that goes


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