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So I like this guy and we always talk and flirt and were pretty close and he always smiles and looks and me and teases me. Yesterday I was talking to one of his friends and I said that I wanted a locker but him because I didint wanna be by the people I don't know and now one of his friends thinks I like him and I do.. but I told him I don't.. I don't know what to do..

Hey Maddie, sorry for the late reply.

I can see your dilemma. I know the awkwardness must have been high and your heart possibly decided to be 100 miles per hour at the time. You might have been feeling weird all over. So trust me, we've all be here at one point or another.

Since you're a girl, you don't have to be forward like a guy would. If you flirt more with him, he will realize you like him. Laugh at his dumb jokes if he tells any. You can touch parts of his body like his shoulder, wrist, or rub a knee up against his. All of these things will show that you're interested without you saying a word. I know when a girl would sit by me and I'd touch her knee with mine, I'd do this as a test to see if she'd pull away. If she didn't, I knew she liked me at least a little bit.

If the girl touched my arm in any way, wrist, bicep, or shoulder, I'd get hot all over, yet be in a cold sweat at the same time. Of course, I tried not to show this. But you can't help it at times.

Different flirting techniques like this will give away your feelings. If you also do this with just him and no other guy, then this will get around eventually. People talk, and I'm sure you have friends of his in classes of yours or they see you some. They'll relay the message back.

Of course, you could simply just tell a friend of yours who'd tell a friend of his and eventually just get together. But that's too easy. I find that the flirting part is where the fun starts, so I'd never want you to not have that part for yourself.

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