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Teen Dating Issues/Did I creep her out?


Thanks for answering my question and reading it. I liked this girl from last year, I think she liked me back too. She used bump into me all the time and look behind her and smile back at me. We both did it to each other for like a month. I used to do the same. But we hardly talked because she was only in my weekly gym class. She showed other signs that she liked me, she laughed at everything I did, I remember once when stopped in the hall just to look at me and smile, it was a pretty empty hallway. I could've made a move at the time but I have no experience with girl probably because I'm ugly. (I've been told by a lot) Also I'm just tall and lanky.

This year she has her locker next to mine. I didn't make any attempt with her in the beginning because she got pissed and ignored me for the rest of the school which was like 5 weeks. She's also in some of my classes. She started to look over and smile at me and laugh in the first week of school. We did this and little conversation on and off for the first 2 months of school.

Then I started to talk to her like 5 weeks ago and it was going really well until things happened a few weeks ago. It was a Wednesday (I think) she started to flirt with me as usual and then when I talked to her the next day she just didn't even look back up at me. Then on Friday, she was flirty again, and at the end of day I was at my locker facing the wall and her and her friend were walking behind so I stuck my foot behind me and she on it and her and her friend giggled and walked away.

The next week, I was scared to talk to her for the first couple of days, I talked to her late in the week and it was the same flirting. That week, I pushed her into her locker and one of her other friends laughed while the girl I liked asked if I wanted to fight as a joke. That next day we were talking and then I called her beautiful. Straight up beautiful no more or less. She started smiling and she said thanks. And looked back at me when I was walking away.

Alright finally this week, I had the same jitters and had no clue what to say around her. I got over it this Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is when there were a lot of people trying to get to their lockers and I asked her to move out the way. Okay I wasn't being nice when I said but still. Also I didn't realize that I had my hand her shoulder and she said get your hand of me. She didn't seem mad because she was smiling but then I told her "why don't you move out my way?" which is when I noticed a few people laughing at me or what I said. I don't know why.

Today, I was flirting and indirectly told her she was prettier than anyone else when I was at my locker right after school and she smiled and laughed. A few minutes later, I caught her eye when I was with my friends and she smiled. D

Did I freak her out?

Hi Tom,

I doubt you freaked her out, but, I would start having a normal conversation with her. Spend a few minutes a day getting to know her better. Ask her questions about herself..hopefully she will ask you some questions too. Try and do this away from her friends or yours. Good luck!


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