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i have this amazing friend. we're both 18, and he and i have been friends for 4 or 5 years. we have a ton in common, including the way we don't really share our feelings with people, it's just the way we are. the first problem with us is he lives half way across the country so i only see him one week a year. we are very close friends and are very comfortable around each other and we flirt like crazy. one time we were hanging out with our friends and it was like 2 am and i was laying on his lap and everyone thought i was asleep. i heard this one kid ask him, "sooo are you guys in a relationship?" to which he replied "well right now i'm a pillow, so...." that's it. no direct answer so i wasn't sure what exactly to think of that but i smiled to myself. when we were still getting to know each other he mentioned that i'm different from other girls and he loves talking to me. so far not bad right? well this past june he came to visit me for 2 weeks and we had a blast, it was great spending that alone time together. we text nearly every day and a few days ago he texted me and said him, his brother, and their mom are going to be driving (over 1000 miles) to come visit me and my family for the weekend. seems like quite the trip for only 2 days. people always ask if we're together to which we either don't really respond or answer with sarcasm. we're kind of awkward like that. anyway, they just left a few hours ago and already he and i are texting. our moms want us to be together of course, and my mom tells me everything his says. apparently he wants me to come visit him next summer for 2 weeks.
now all this i suppose i could handle except for one extra problem. he has a girlfriend.
i don't personally know her but i've heard she's the typical annoying immature high school girlfriend. they aren't really serious even though they've been together over a year. while he was visiting this weekend she called a couple times, each time he answered with an annoyed tone in his voice and rolling his eyes. his mom told me that the gf mentioned that "he'll be going away to college so they might as well just break up already." everyone knows they aren't going to be together much longer, but i have the decency to stay away from him and his relationship despite our history and the, as i've heard it, "undeniable chemistry" we have. although i've never outwardly admitted it, i do like him. a lot. our whole situation is really frustrating and i don't know whether to move on and away or wait for him and his girlfriend to end it, which even then i wouldn't know what to do because not only am i terrified of the chance of rejection but i'm also afraid of what would happen if we decided we both wanted to be more than friends.
i know that was really scattered but that's my mind right now, i have no idea what to do or what to expect and i reallyyy need some advice. big thanks in advance <3


How would you feel if you asked him to be bf and gf and he said yes? How would it be having a bf all the way across the usa? If your fine with it then i think you should pursue it. I have a feeling he is thinking the same thing. He may want to be more then friends but then what? How do you have a relationship like that.

I think you should find a good time to call him on the phone and talk about this. Just keep it simple. Say hey, I know we dont talk about this, but I think I like you more then friends. Ask him how he feels. Let him know you understand its hard being in a relationship so far away but just wanted to get it out in the open

I would hope that he is mature enough to not let that scare him away.


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