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I know this is going to be a lot but I've been completely lost for the past few weeks. I'm 18 years old and have been dating my boyfriend for about 16 months. He's a couple months younger than I am, and I've never dated a you get guy before. About 6 months ago him and I broke up for about a week or two and during that time he started texting girls he knows I don't like, and one that I recently got into a physical fight with. The only reason I found out he was doing this behind my back was looking at his phone one day. Since then I confronted him about it and it hasn't happened ever again. He tells me constantly that he's very happy with our relationship and everything I like to hear. Recently I found a sleeve of condoms in his glovebox in his car. He and I don't use condoms we never really have and his mom bought the same condoms he had in his car over a year ago. We've never used them at all not even one and he had about 5 in his glovebox. When I asked him he said that he put them in there to make it look like we used them (to his parents)...So why wouldn't he have done that sooner? About 2 weeks ago he's gotten 2 random numbers texting him and he won't tell me who they were and Denys knowing the person was too. The other night I was videotaping him riding his dirt bike for him and I hit his email by accident. Tons of porn sites were on his phone, so I figured if that's the worst he's doing then whatever guys look at that stuff. But his email was also full of some "naughty dating site". In the beginning of our relationship he used to get tons of spam emails from dating sites because his friends aigned him up for it as a joke. Ever since i havent seen the emails at all an he doesnt talk about them and joke about it anymore. In the one email it said his username on the site so I found his profile and it said he was single and a bunch of other stuff as well. I confronted him about it and he said he had no clue about it. It all adds up though. Everything on the profile adds up to him, right down to his zodiac symbol. What the hell am I supposed to do?!

Number one, always use condoms for sex. Only fools don't use them unless married or trying to have children. The pill is not 100% effective, even the shot. Condoms aren't either, but it's better than nothing at all. If you're not having sex at all and he has them, then well, that isn't a terrific sign. Btw, condoms don't come in a pack of 5. They're usually even numbers unless you buy them singly. And a sleeve is not singly.

Now, to be honest if a guy is signed on to a porn site he will get messages from other porn sites and even some naughty dating sites. BUT, if his name is there and active and the profile itself is active and being used. Then he uses it today. Now, some guys do it as a way to feel like they are attractive to other girls. They'll never meet up with them but they have the psychological idea of it all going well. But, not all men are like that. Most people who are signed to a dating site, are with that site.

SPAM emails will never stop even if you end all relations with a porn site. They or another place will send some in. So, even if it's long ago I can see him still getting them. I had to get another email address because my friends did the same. So, I feel for him there. BUT, you have to personally do a dating site. They need email confirmations and everything.

That being said, really, I cannot tell you what to do. But, is he cheating? Possibly. It all adds up to yes, he is. But, he very well could not be. And he'll say everything to make you think the latter.

So, if I were you I'd really consider the idea of moving on. But, I realize this has been a year long relationship. And you at least owe him some sort of thing by asking him to be truthful. If he's not and you know this, that is most def a deal breaker.

But that's my opinion. Let me know if I can help more with this or anything else.  

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