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Here's the thing. I've been dating him for two and a half months now and at the end of the first month we broke up because both of us felt bored. The reason i didn't want to be with him was that i felt neglected. Two weeks after that we got back together and things were different he was different. However after 2 weeks he started behaving the same way. I feel like he doesn't like me he just doesn't show it, he doesn't show that he wants to be with me, i feel like he would prefer go out with his friends than with me. I feel neglected again, the problem is that i really like him and also i forgot to mention that he behaves very good when we are out then i can feel that he likes me but the other time i am always wondering what is happening with our relationship. I don't know what to do should i talk with him and if so what should i tell him in order not to think of me as obsessed ? Or should i end this relationship right away ?

Talking to him can never hurt, he needs to know how you feel in order for him to know how to get better at something or fix any issues. If you feel neglected, he needs to know.

You need to tell him that, it feels as if he isn't into the relationship as much as you. If he wants to be with you, he needs to act more like he does instead of acting like he'd rather be somewhere else whenever he's with you.

It's not surprising that when you're out, it's different. Socially, couples can put on a front. Or just one part of them can. So, it's not surprising at all to me that he's different when you're out.

All in all, when talking to him you need to share how you're feeling. Don't make it like a break up talk, because that will shut his ears off immediately. Do it as if you really want to work on things to stay together. And tell him, if he wants to stay together, he must show you that he loves you, and not just say it. Saying it, while good, doesn't have as much of an impact as showing. Make sure he realizes this.

Hope that helped, let me know if I can help with this or anything else!

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