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My Girlfriend, Stephanie 23, and I, Evan 23 have been dating for almost 5 years. My Girlfriend wants to take a road trip with her girls and their kids to go see her friend, Lacie 23, in Louisiana with our 2 year old, Madison, 1147 miles away. Okay so there is the background, now the issue. She wants to take my car! We are both on the insurance, however, I am worried for several reasons. One, if she gets into a car wreck or has a speeding ticket it could dangerously increase my premiums, I called they would triple. I know that the risk of those things is the same whether she goes 10 feet or a 1,000 miles, but the chance seems higher. Two, a hero complex, if the car were to break down I would not be able to help her, I work on the cars now and if she is in Texas I will not be able to do anything. Lastly, I feel possesive about the vehicle. She has her own car, but I know it won't make the trip and her girlfriends don't have vehicles capible either. We have looked into renting a car, but it is a vacation killer $$$$ wise. Over $500 for the week, not including the insurance and surcharges for them being under 25. My question is as follows, should I let them take my car to go on a road trip? I feel bad because I know they can't afford it another way, but my responsibilites are to Madison and if my insurance premiums are to triple or they get in a horrific accident it will take so much money out of the household that several cuts are going to have to be made, like contibutions to Madison's college fund, or our saving, etc. I don't know if I am being controlling or hedging my bets. I just don't want on of the "what-ifs" to happen.

Hi Evan, first off, we at AllExperts do not make decisions for people. Ultimately, it's up to the person. We're just here to help shed light on stuff. Now, as you may have noticed from other questions I answered or my profile, I don't mince words. I am kind of offensive to some, and it's not that I try to. But I let them know all I can, sometimes that can tick people off. Not my intention however. So, keep that in mind when reading.

Now to your question.

Number one, quit worrying about your precious car. You know none of her friends have a good one and her's may suck. Would you rather her have a crap car and be stuck in boondock Arkansas? At least with your car she's safer and a far less chance to get into an issue. Plus, she's insured on it. Why even consider renting? As you saw it costs a butt load to do. And why? So that you can keep your car with you so it won't get a scratch? lol

Second, there are plenty of repair men in this country. I'm sure she'd call you and tell you something so she doesn't get ripped off.

If my fiance wanted to take my car, sure, I'd worry. But not about my car, about her. My car is safe, and it can be replaced if something happens. She cannot. A car is an object, a person's a person. You can replace a car to it's exact specification. A person can never be replaced. No person can. Your car is a car and all it ever will be. If safe, it's worth being beaten up if it saves her life would something happen.

I truly hope she never has an accident and you never have to go through any issues like that. But, the peace of mind you'd have knowing she was safe in your car would be all you needed. Because again, a car is a car, a person is a person.

Money is no object when it comes to people you love. If I had to pay a billion dollars to keep my girl safe. I'd find a way.

You're also talking about what if's, not will be's.

But that's my opinion, hope it helped

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