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hi.I am in a relationship from 9 months.I'm 20. Everything was going pretty good but from last 2 months he is not treating me like before because his mom got to know about us by some social network chat. And she doesn't want us to be in a relationship for now. As she wants him to be independent,get a good job and settle down first. I totally agree with her. But as a consequence He doesn't call me by love names anymore. I'm providing him space too. I'm upset with his behaviour. Though he tells me he loves me but doesn't give me time that much and treat me just like his other friends. How can i make myself happy in this situation? Helpmeoutwhattodo.please.

Hi Kumarika! Thanks for the question, really like your name by the way!
Well the good thing is you know it's not a problem with you or your relationship that's causing him to act like this with you, which is more then most people know anyway!
I can see why your upset, things have changed and you miss how it was, personally I think a good thing to do is actually have a proper talk with your boyfriend about everything and tell him how you feel, because in relationships communication is the most important thing, without it everything breaks down, and I'm sure that's not what you want..
It could just be the pressure from his mum that is making him treat you just like his other friends, and I bet you feel he's giving you less time also because of his mum being on his case, and this could make him feel like he has to 'lay off' the lovey-ness a bit, but I do think talking to him would really make you feel better, and it will also give him a chance to tell you what's going on with him, that way maybe you'll be able to make sense of his behaviour and understand it, not only this but he'll know what effect it's having on you and as your boyfriend he'd want to try and make that better, you've been together for a while and 2 months of him making you feel this way can't be nice, so just have a honest and open conversation about everything and you'll both be fine and you'll feel much better!
I really hope this helped and I hope everything works out for you!
If you need any more advice or need anything clarifying then be sure to hit me up with a follow up! I'd be happy to help you, it's what I'm here for :)
Good luck
Austin :)

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I've been in a relationships myself (good and bad) I've come across many different people and many different situations that Iíve helped resolve, Iím diplomatic and fair minded, being a teen myself means I will be able to relate and understand your issues, giving the best advice I possibly could.

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