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Hi, the thing is, I'm 16 years old and I'm onit with a girl that's 19 years old. Being the shy character I am, I was thinking of you could tell me a way to ask her out? Thanks Austin :)

Hi there Alberto! Thanks for the message,
So I'm guessing if you're 'onit' you both like each other, use this as your source of confidence, this girl likes you, and depending on how long you've been 'onit'  for she probably wants you to ask her out, otherwise why else would she be with you? Because I'm sure there's guys her age she could go for, but she has chosen you, just remember that
Other than that just be yourself, because that's the best thing you can be, a good way to ask is just casually, while your alone together, just be natural, it's more then likely she'll say yes, so you've got nothing to lose :)
If you need any more advice or if you have more questions be sure to hit me up with a follow up! After all it's what I'm hear for,
Hope it all goes to plan! Good luck!
Austin :)

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Being a teen myself, I'll be able to understand and relate to your questions much better :) I'll try my hardest to answer anything you throw at me, such as relationships issues, preteen issues, confusion, dating, sexuality and all those sticky situation we seem to get ourselves in! Dealing with people comes naturally and Iíll be more than happy to help you out!


I've been in a relationships myself (good and bad) I've come across many different people and many different situations that Iíve helped resolve, Iím diplomatic and fair minded, being a teen myself means I will be able to relate and understand your issues, giving the best advice I possibly could.

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