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There's this guy who I had a crush on. He asked me out and we dated for a while.
We didn't even do anything. We broke up because someone was
spreading a rumor about something I didn't say. Well anyway in 10th grade we are
friends. I still like him. But how do I tell him that? I'm always shy and nervous
around him. The thing is he doesn't like me anymore.

Try flirting - not super obvious stuff, but subtle things, like using his name when you speak to him.  Hold eye contact with him just a little longer than is comfortable.  Smile with your eyes, or reach out and touch his arm.  Those are all little things that can say a lot.  

If you are too shy for those things, then write him a little note.  Don't say a whole lot, but ask him about himself, and ask for him to write back.  Sometimes something little, like a note, can spark old flames and get him thinking about you.

Let me know how it goes.


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