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My best friend and I have always been flirty and have tried dating once but I broke it off with him because it just didn't feel right at the time. Now a year later we are back at it. I have liked for a long time and regretted breaking up with him even though I knew it was best at the time. We have been talking for a month and we act as though we are already in a relationship, just with no titles. However for the past couple weeks it feels as if we are growing apart. He hardly replies to my texts anymore (which is weird because we normally talk everyday) and we haven't been hanging out a lot lately. I confronted about the lack of communication and if there was a problem but he denied that anything was wrong and said he thought we were doing just fine. I'm so confused please help!

hi hannah,

it sounds like you have done everything you probably should. you confronted him and asked him whats up. at this point you need to decide how you want to precede. you can either break up and try to just remain friends or continue to see how things go. what does your heart say?


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