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Teen Dating Issues/I need advice on a girl i'm going to the junior prom with and need help finding out what happened here


QUESTION: Tuesday i bought this Ariel ( my prom date) i'm going to prom with flowers, a big round lollipop, and a note that tells how i feel about her and asking if she likes me or has any interest in me. Wednesday, At lunch i was encourage by a number of people to give it to her i was siting down at my table and my friend was urging me to go asking what i was waiting for because i was very nervous. so i finally picked up the courage to walk over there and when i got there, i handed it to her and she said thank you. one of her friends suggested that she kiss me and Ariel told her to stop. then someone suggest that they start cheering her on and soon enough the whole cafeteria was cheering "DO IT!, DO IT!, DO IT! Ariel was at this time was trying to tell her friends to shut up but was smiling at the same time. so i finally went to walk back to my seat and everyone started clapping and cheering for me. when i sat down i had not given Ariel the note because she was business telling her friends to be my friend told me to go back and give it to her and i got up and started going to her. while i was walking to her someone from another table said "Round 2!" when i got to her i handed to her and she said "thank you" and when i headed back to my seat every one cheered and clapped once again. All throughout the rest of the school day everybody was congratulating me for my courage. After school, i said "Hi" and i told her that i was sorry for putting her on the spot at lunch. she said "Its okay" but she said it in a tired voice and she looked like she wasn't in the mood. then i left and asked one of her friends if she was mad a t me and she said no. I'm worried because i don't know what to do or what she's felling like. is she still in shock from lunch and does she still need time to absorb what happen before i talk to her again?

ANSWER: i would give her some time. going up to her with everyone around probably wasnt the best thing to do but its done now. you probably should have given her the stuff in private. i would hang back and let things cool off. eventually people will forget about it and then maybe you can ask her out in a more private setting.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i recently asked Ariel (my prom date) if she had a boyfriend and to be honest about it because i asked some girls around school and all of their reply's link up to her seeing someone. Ariel said hat she doesn't actually "have" a boyfriend but there is someone that she knows that she communicates with really well. then she said that she might not be able to go to prom with me because the school won't take her money but she said her mom was coming up there to talk about. I immediately fell in to a deep depression after all this being said and had a hurt feeling in my chest. During my depression, i had been going to an extreme amount of thought on the ride home from school. I had been thinking that there was no point to go forward and take any more hits from liking girls that happen to have boyfriends or like someone else. i had an idea in my mind at that time that i would isolate my self from everyone (mostly girls) and never like a girl again and live forever alone and eventually committing suicide. i was thinking that no girl would ever like me and i would never find a girl that i would have good communication with.Ariel still lets me call her but it took me almost to hours to actually think if it was worth even talking anymore. i'm taking this really hard and now in the process of almost cutting myself with a knife hiding under my bed.i don't know if can go up to a girl again if i have any affection to them.i want girl that meets my standards and will have a good communication with me but i hardly doubt there is any girl out there for me. every girl will have a boyfriend and i will get rejected and turned down every time.i know Ariel or other girls might get worried and turn me in to a counselor if they see me like this. i'm almost cried in the tiny corner of my room thinking i have no more worth. Can you please help me find out what to do and any advice about it?

no girl is worth getting depressed over and cutting yourself. i dont know how old you are but things will get better. you will find the right girl trust me.

everyone goes through some depression and hurt when they get rejected, its normal. you will get rejected again in life. you will get rejected from not just a girl too :) life is not easy so be gets better!

do you have anyone you can talk to about this? mom or dad?

please write back if you want to talk more. suicide and hurting yourself is for sure not the answer to fixing any problem.


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