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Hi,  me and my gf are both 15 and both virgins.  Sara wants to stay that way but not me.  So she's been jacking me off and giving me head instead.  I got a couple questions.  Is it possible to finger-fuck a virgin without breaking her hymen?  Sara won't let me because of that.  I've seen pics of girl's hymens online and I think I can stick my finger in there without breaking it.  She uses tampons and my finger isn't much bigger than a tampon.  And when she's sucking me off I want to pull my dick out of her mouth when I feel myself getting ready to cum and for her to hold her eyelids open with her fingers so I can squirt my sperm directly onto her eyeballs.  She says that will blind her but I've seen pornos about that and the girls don't go blind!  they just get red eyes.  Whaat's the truth about that?  thanks.

Hi Jared,

Everyone is different and hymen size and how easy it can be broken varies. Its completely possible that your gf already has broken it especially if she is using tampons. If not then fingering her can break it as well. Being a virgin does not always directly relate to a hymen being broken or not.

In regards to the cum in the eye question. No you can not go blind. Let me say from experience though that getting cum in the eye is not fun..lol :) It does make the eye red and it can hurt for awhile. If your a good bf then I wouldn't want to do that to her.

Glad to hear she wants to stay a virgin right now. :)


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