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Hi. I'm 15 and I have a crush on my best friend (who's a guy), but he's with a girl. I KNOW this girl is cheating on him because I saw her making out with this bloke from our village. I don't know what to tell him. I'm afraid he'll think I'm lying and I know he'll be heartbroken. Should I stay out of this? I really do want them to break up, though because I know I'd be better for him, really anyone would.

Rose, your only business is your relationship with this guy, not his relationship with another.  That would be your business if you were dating, but as his friend, and especially as someone who has a romantic interest in him, any interference would appear to be jealousy.  Unless you have CLEAR, clear proof, it is what adults call hearsay.  Regardless, it is his relationship, and you can't and should not, interfere.

Chances are it won't last.  Be patient.  When he is available again, and after enough time has passed to make it appropriate, then let him know how you feel.



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