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Ok so theres this guy i really like (substituting names here) lets call him Bob. Hes really nice, funny, loving, cute (not that it really matters) and he makes me feel like we are the only people alive and he really sincerly likes me. He used to date my best friend, "Taylor" and she encourages our potential relationship (such a good BFFL!). Anyway, as expected (everyone was talking about it even 2nd graders!) he asked me out. I really like him so i SCREAMED! And then i freaked out. I knew how it felt to be heartbroken. I dont know if im paranoid but, i dont want that to happen again. Or worse! On accident i could hurt him..... And our friendship that we currently have, will be broken. I said no :( i was soooo worried. And i told him i regret it (an im actually texting him right now) an he will ask me again once i have thought things through. (AGAIN HES SOOOO NICE!) and hes asking me at the end of April. Which is nearing now! Srrythis was sent kind of late but anyway, i dont know what to do! We both love each other, but i dont want either of us to get hurt! HE IS WORTH THE RISK! So should i risk our friendship and POSSIBLY be lucky, or try to forget it by playing it safe?


You obviously really like this guy and would like to go out with him. I think that its always possible that things may not work out between you two but there is a probability that they will. You should decide yourself if you like this guy enough to risk getting hurt and if you trust him. If you two like each other and there is a chance that you can be happy I personally think that its worth taking a risk, but finally it is your decision. Just make sure that you don't regret your decision after some time.

I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to contact me again if you have other questions.


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