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My name is Clara. I'm 14 and a freshman.

There's this guy who I have known since last year. He is my age and in my grade. We have become great friends. He eats at my lunch table and we talk every day. Most of our talk consists of regular friend talk, although occasionally it steers towards his love life. Earlier this year, he had a girlfriend, but he's broken up with her.

A little about him and me: He's cute and funny, and most of all smart, like me. We are in the same math (Algebra II) and English class. We sit next to each other in English and sometimes we say the exact same thing at the exact same time, because our thought processes are very similar. I have never had a boyfriend and don't know much about how to date/flirt or anything like that.

I really, really like him, but he's never given me any hints as to whether or not he likes me back. I want desperately to be more than friends, and I'm not so brave as to be able to talk to him and risk our friendship. I don't have much contact with him outside of school.

What can I do? Help!

Hi Clara,

I think you should try and have more contact with him outside of school. Try and get his phone number. Text him and call him on occasion. Do you think you could do that? I wouldn't just ask him out. Get to know him better outside of school first to see if you might even want to date him.


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