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my name is Cassius i'm 14. my girlfriend is 14. her dad likes me and her sisters like me but her mom hates me. i can't see her or talk to her a lot because her mom won't let her. we have been dating for 1 year and i don't want to break up with her because i love her so much but it's getting really stressful for my girlfriend. her mom wants her to have nothing to do with me because of "what his family is like" but i'm nothing like my family. she also said to my girlfriend "that your obsessed with him". I've met her mom once before but she really doesn't like me at all. my girlfriend says maybe we should just move on because it shouldn't be this hard but then we love each other too much to break up. i know this all sounds stupid because i'm young but i really love her. so can you please give me any advice on what to do please?

Hi Cassius,

Yes you are young and will have different girlfriends. I wouldn't be so caught up in this one girl. And unfortunently your GF needs to respect what her mother says even though its probably completely wrong.

Can your GF talk to her mother or maybe her father to see why she feels she doesn't like you? Maybe her father could talk to her mother and convince her you are not so bad.

Your in a tough spot. You might just need to only see her when at school


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