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So her name is Karrissa and she is a sophomore in my 4th period class while I'm a junior. To sum it up i i asked for her number before spring break and she gave it to me but i couldn't understand it. people said that she had given me a wrong number on purpose but when asked her the day we came back from the break and she said it was the right number and i told her one of the numbers was a sideways five and she looked at me crooked so i told er to give it to me again and she did so willingly. today i bought her some snacks from the concession stand and i asked a girl if it was all right to give it to her early in the process and she said "yeah because girls like surprises". So i saw her in 4th period and i wanted to motion her to come over but i was so nervous that i just waited until the class was over. we also did project presentations and when it was my turn to go it got boring and long. Karrissa was attentive and she stayed awake and she glanced at me a few times also. after class i went to her locker and she and a friend was there. he friend noticed me first and she smiled at me and Karrissa turned and smiled also. i told her i had snacks for her and i gave it to her and she said "Thank you" while smiling and i told her that i would call her Friday night and she said "okay" and i walked away. i could only imagine what her friend asked her after i left because she probably asked a question about me. Does it seem she has an interest in me or even a little bit? what do we talk about when i call her? Can i ask her to hang out?

Hi Dakota,

Yes it sounds like she has an interest in you. I would call her and see how things go. Take it slow and just think of her as a friend for now. Get to know her better. Ask her questions about herself and her family. Talk about her friends and what she likes to do for fun.

The conversation doesn't have to be long for the first time on the phone. You can always talk about school and homework too.

I wouldnt ask her to hangout yet. Maybe if the conversation goes well you can ask her to hang out when you talk again.

Good luck!


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