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this girl named Karrissa is a girl i really like her and when i engaged with a girl i like i like to shower them with affection like gift, snacks and whatever i can find. Her friend told me that she had just went through a bad breakup and is not looking for a relationship right now. My teacher told me that is should tone it down and stop the flowers and gifts. others also told me this as well but to still be nice to her but of course i couldn't resist. I had made her a poem rolled in paper tied with a bow and a rose from my grandmother's garden. i gave it to her in my class and she had a normal attitude, not sad but not noticing happy either and she said "thank you". she didn't look surprised to get it but had a small smile we she got it. i think i have a problem in social skills because i get attached to a girl i like very easily. at this point,i think she lost interest in me but i hope she didn't. what should i do now? PLEASE HELP!!

Hi Dakota,

You should listen to your family and friends and me! :) Tone it down.

Girls like to be surprised. If your always giving her gifts then its no longer a surprise. Stop giving her gifts for awhile. Then if you want to give her something now and then great. Also, give her the gifts in private. She doesn't need her friends possibly teasing her because of it.

Good luck with Karissa! :)


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